My Two Cents To Help Your Business Sprout

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In these demanding fiscal times, it’s important to possess high standards to keep your business on track. Allison Lux Nuovo of the Sprout Digital Network offers applicable cues to help your business Sprout.

Gain New Customers
Customers want personal communications that they’ll remember. Social media such as Facebook,  Pinterest and e newsletters help to gain trust with them.

Be creative and interesting – and relevant.

Limit giving things away for free – get contact details so you can get back in touch through email, liking a Facebook page, joining a loyalty program, etc.

Keep Your Customers
A printed or e newsletter allows customers to view your information whenever they want to.

Pay attention to your customer- a simple response protocol can tell you so much. If your customers are posting complaints on your Facebook page, have someone in place to address the issues immediately. Reputation management is critical in keeping good relations. Especially with the online world. This can make or break a business.

Talk to your staff – an employee newsletter or private Facebook group is an effective way of keeping staff informed of new products, changes and good practice.

Grow Your Customers
Take the opportunity to learn more about each other – relationships grow through information sharing. Perhaps an open house or customer appreciation day. Start a referral program.

Dealing with disgruntle customers appropriately can teach you a lot about the weaknesses in your business.

Customers sometimes need to be asked more than once – so use multiple stages or complimentary media such as social media, advertising, press releases, email communications and community related fundraising.

Win Back Former Customers
Check your customers’ details are right – maybe they’ve moved and not told you! Keeping an accurate list will save you money in the long run.

Resist making promises you can’t keep.

If discounts and coupons fail then it might be time to accept the relationship may be over.

As part of your daily business practice, you will want to monitor all your marketing efforts online and off-line. This will enable you to measure the return on your investment in time (and money), find out what works and what does not and fine-tune your approach. Remember, when advertising, branding and repetition is the key to being on the top of mind when customers are ready to use your services or remind existing customers to revisit your brand.

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