Question… Who will create my commercial?
Answer… Sprout Digital Network’s talented team of motion graphic designers will create your commercial quickly and pain free. We enjoy working with our clients and bringing their brand to life. Click Here For Sample Commercials

Question… How long is my commercial?
Answer… 20 to 30 seconds depending on what package you sponsor.

Question… What formats can my ad be created in?
Answer… Still Frames, Video or Motion Frames.

Question… How often will my ad appear?
Answer… About every 10 minutes or less – all day – every day! Be seen 16,000 times per month! Imagine someone eating dinner and watching your commercial over and over and over again!  Click Here To See The Sprout TV Content At Sushi Joy

Question… How many people will see my ad?
Answer… 100,000 per month!

Question… How much does it cost?
Answer… Advertising with Sprout Digital Network is more affordable than all other forms of media including newspaper print ads. Our TV’s are placed in front of captive audiences so you can be sure your ads will be seen by thousands each month. All your ad updates are included. Sprout TV Locations

Question…What are the benefits of advertising on the Sprout Digital Network?
Answer.. Incredible Exposure – promote your business on our local network and be seen by over 100,000 people per month!

Captive Audience-Our 32-42 inch TVs are strategically located in areas where there are a lot of people in a captive environment. For example dining rooms, take out waiting areas….

Repetition – your ad will be seen every 10 to 12 min. or less, all day, everyday!  That means your ad will air over 16,000 times per month on our network! Click Here To See A Sample

Local- Top of mind awareness branding to your local customer.

Visual Appeal – Attract customers with visually appealing ads including motion, and video. We engage diners with trivia/fun facts and high definition, dynamic imagery.

Low Cost – Sprout is much more affordable than other advertising methods. Place an ad for ONE DAY in a regional newspaper vs. ONE MONTH on the Sprout Digital Network. Plus lots of added values. Click Here To See Video

Exclusivity – You may have the opportunity to lock out your competitors!

It Works! Click Here To Read Testimonials

Sprout delivers Eye Catching AND Local Brand Recognition more cost effectively than Any other mainstream marketing medium. (period)! Guaranteed delivery – People won’t be able to miss your ads!

Oh And… Free Monthly Ad Changes!

Question…I would be interested in “hosting” a screen. How can I participate?
Answer…. Selecting the ideal site for a screen to be placed is just as important as the business who places ads. Feel free to contact us. We will set up a meeting and survey your location to qualify.

Question…How do I reach you?

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