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Hypnotherapy Wellness Center

St. Martin Hypnotherapy Wellness Center
: Frank St. Martin is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and practices in accordance with its code of ethics. Feel free to call us with questions regarding hypnosis ~ hypnotherapy, distant healing, and reiki. Frank St. Martin can help you with: Quitting Smoking, Weight Reduction, Habit Control, Improve Sleeping, Pain Management, Fears/Phobias,Stress/Anxiety, Self-Confidence and more! 15 + years of experience. Proven results! Read one of the many testimonials about Frank: "I have met quite a few hypnotherapists, and worked with a few who were to be of the best in CA. Frank St. Martin is a gift from God! He has the experience! way beyond any of those I have seen and met. Frank has helped my son who has been to several dozen doctors, maybe 50 therapists and 6 different hospitals and every medication in the PDR for mental health issues, in the last 4 years. In one session he helped my son to find the reason to stay alive. He has saved his life. Frank is sincere and has the tools, knowledge and experience. I wish we could have met sooner. I had no idea how excellent he is at what he does. Truly a special gift from God." Continue reading

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: (774) 773-9153