Sprout Digital Network promotes businesses on hi def TV’s in popular restaurants throughout Plymouth, Marshfield and Kingston. Our graphics team creates amazing eye catching ads for our advertisers! Click Here To See A Sample

You may have seen this type of advertising on billboards or outside buildings, but now this technology is coming to local businesses in an intimate indoor setting which gets your ads seen! Click Here To Listen To Our New Radio Commercial

Sprout’s digital screens grab the attention of consumers almost immediately, and have been proven to be more effective than other types of advertising. Your 20-30 second ad spots are the perfect length to make a top of mind branding impact on a potential customer while leave a lasting impression to generate a positive response. Sprout will create a High-Definition commercial for your company and then your message will be aired on the digital screens  all day – every day!

People are watching!  Your ad will be coupled with our fun and entertaining Sprout Trivia.  This trivia gets people watching.  After a trivia question is displayed your ad will run before the answer is given.  As viewers watch for the answer we will captivate them with your commercial!

According to Ad Age, Digital Media has more than 10 times the visual contact than traditional advertising, and more than 40% of consumers can recall a brand they saw on digital media screens.  Digital signage brand recall stands at 48% versus 23% for newspaper, 13% for television and 15% for all other forms. Digital Media is exploding, and is quickly becoming the next standard for reaching potential consumers.

Are you ready to find out how you can advertise on Sprout Digital Network? Call 781.820.9330 today to meet with a digital media solutions specialist.

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